Sunday, 9 December 2007

The new new tube map

There's another new tube map coming out this January to go with the changes to the Travelcard zones, among other things, and copies of it are leaking out in various places. The London Connections version has appeared on TfL's website. The tube map version can be found in the centrefold of the London Overground timetable book now available at stations (that's a photo of my copy to the right - click to enlarge). Reader Marcel has emailed me photos of the poster tube map that's already up at Langdon Park, which is very similar to the version here, but shows the zones.

Quite a few notable changes:

  • Travelcard zones A-D have been replaced by 7, 8 and 9. See the London Connections map for exactly how this works.
  • The East London Line is replaced by buses, and the extenstion are illustrated on the tube map version. The northern extension is simply "Under construction" (terminating at Highbury and Islington) while the southern extension has a long disclaimer about Oyster Pay As You Go not being valid on current services on the route.
  • On the tube map version, the interchanges at West Hampstead, Heron Quays and Canary Wharf are connected by tiny walking distances (100m, 150m and 200m). They haven't done this anywhere else, like Hammersmith or Bow Church.
  • Shepherd's Bush: On the London Connections map, it's shown as open and a direct interchange with the Central line. In the London Overground version the two stations have separate ticks but only one label, under which it says "Under construction", with no indication the Central line station isn't. Finally, on the version at Langdon Park it's shown as open, with a double interchange blob, one end of which indicates the Overground station is accessible. There are blank rows for the station in the actual Overground timetable, with the footnote "station may open during the currency of this timetable".
  • Waterloo says "International rail services now depart from King's Cross St Pancras"
  • Wood Lane "opens late 2008"
  • Tower Gateway is "closed summer 2008 to spring 2009" for three-car extensions
  • Hampstead Heath, Acton Central and Willesden Junction have had their zones rationalised to increase the number of single zone journeys.
  • Heathrow Terminal 5 opens Spring 2008, which means we have another map due then.
I think that's everything. Diamond Geezer has a write up here, and tube buffs discuss the changes here.


Jack said...

Cheers, very interesting.

The photo of the tube map that you have doesn't have any zone markings. Is that going to be the case with the maps that people pick up from the stations then?! Or is it a "special map" that you've got hold of?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a pdf version of the Jan 08 tube map shown that you can send me ?

Mr Thant said...

That's a photo of the centrefold of the London Overground timetable, which I got by asking at the Highbury & Islington ticket office. Nothing secret.

I'd think it's got no zones because the timetable comes into fforce this weekend but the various zone changes don't happen until January.

Anonymous said...

Can you e-mail me photos of the poster map at the below address:

phillprice said...

It's also missed the Shepherds' Bush Central closure from February 2008 for 10 months...