Monday, 10 March 2008

Tube map watch: March 2008

A new copy of the pocket tube map is available at some tube stations (click to enlarge):

Changes from the February pocket map are:

  • Shepherd's Bush Overground is shown as opening late 2008, rather than just 2008.
  • Heathrow Terminal 5 is shown as solid rather than an outline, with red text stating "Opens 27 March 2008", rather than "Opens Spring 2008".
  • The Mayor of London, Transport for London and London Underground logos have been added at the bottom.
  • The blue boxes show details of the Victoria Line closures rather than just "See key for details"
  • Tower Gateway is shown as "Closed June 2008 to spring 2009" rather than "summer 2008".
  • The East London Line extension outlines have been removed.
  • Bus ELP has become bus 381.
  • The National Rail symbol and "Thameslink 200m" text have disappeared from West Hampstead.
  • Borough has gained an "Exit only during peak hours" warning.
  • Liverpool Street has lost its aeroplane symbol.
  • Pinner has lost its apparently unnecessary dagger symbol.
  • The Piccadilly Line notes now state "Trains via Terminal 4 may stop there for up to 8 minutes".
  • The Rorschach test style art on the front has become an RAF roundel, and the advert on the back is for Ikea rather than Oyster.
I got mine at King's Cross St. Pancras tube ticket hall - other stations I've been through recently still had the old one. The current version online is dated January and corresponds to neither.


D-Notice said...

I think it's just an error on the map which causes West Hampstead and Liverpool St to lose their symbols.

Pinner had a dagger as it was shown as having disabled access from "early 2008" in the last version - with a blue icon - but this has gone as well.

BTW, 3 Tube map updates in as many months?!

Editor said...

Yep, but the printed February pocket map I have has no disabled symbol and no footnote for Pinner, but still has the dagger.

There've been an enormous number of changes requiring new tube maps recently (London Overground starting, St Pancras International opening, Langdon Park opening, the ELL closure, etc, etc). Thankfully there's nothing much between T5 opening and the Shepherd's Bush openings this autumn.

Max Roberts said...

Any clues for Chancery Lane yet, also with a mystery dagger.

Absolutely no excuse for any mistakes at all. A competent user who knows the network could proof read this in 30 minutes. If they can't handle this level of information reliably then they should not be adding it.

Alex Gollner said...

Note the ropy positioning of the National Rail symbol at Liverpool Street. The Met and Jubilee are a lot further apart than recently.

They've managed to make the map look a little worse each new version.

Prit said...

It doesn't make any sense that there have been 3 pocket maps in 3 months and yet I haven't seen a change in the poster versions at the stations for either the Feb or Mar version.......or am I missing something ?

Travers said...

When/is Shephards Bush going to renamed Shephards Bush Green on the Map. I am sure I saw this on the Underground Map or Wall display Central Line somewhere recently

Editor said...

That rename was planned a while ago and abandoned. - the current plan is for the Central/Overground stations to remain Shepherd's Bush, and the H&C line station to become Shepherd's Bush Market.