Saturday, 22 March 2008

DLR Limehouse footbridge project

Limehouse has adjacent elevated DLR and c2c stations, built to act as an interchange, but the only route between them is via the street. Since the westbound c2c platform is right next to the eastbound DLR platform (towards Canary Wharf), every morning commuters from Essex have a long walk to end up only a few feet away.

After twenty years of this, they're doing the obvious thing and building a footbridge between the two. Here's a plan - it has its own gateline, since the c2c station is gated and the DLR is not. There's an artist's impression on the TfL project page and the image above is pilfered from this presentation, which also has details of all current DLR projects. Finally, the planning application.

It's due to be completed by the end of this year.


Alan said...

Good to see that this most obvious and easy connection is to be done but it is really depressing that so little attention is paid to the value of investments that make interchanges easier for passengers to use. I see from the earlier posting that improvements are planned ar Euston- Euston Square as well. Other interchange improvements would cost much more, eg underground link from Northern to Thameslink at Kentish Town, ditto from Jubilee/Bakerloo to westbound Circle at Baker Street, escalator access from District to northbound Thameslink at Blackfriars. Any other suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Is "a plan" supposed to link somewhere?

Anyway, loads of interesting info on here this weekend (as always!) - Thanks!

Editor said...

Yes it is. Fixed.

Anonymous said...

Alan, you might be interested to know that Blackfriars station (both LUL and National Rail) will be rebuilt between 2009 and 2011. As part of the project new escalators and lifts will be provided.

While we're on the subject to interchanges, I'd like to see a direct (paid-side) connection between Thameslink and LUL at St Pancras but unfortunately that won't happen anytime soon.

J said...

any chance of pictures?
I would but studying for GCSE's atm