Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Board Papers: March 2008

TfL held an "open session" board meeting today. While I couldn't stay long enough to hear anything interesting, I did manage to snag an early copy of the board papers.

[ Update: The PDF is now online ]



  • Installation of Automatic Train Operation equipment to the Jubilee Line fleet is expected to be complete in October. The associated new signalling system (and possibly ATO) is down as coming into use in March 2009, starting from the east end.
  • Severe delays on the Jubilee Line on February 5 and 6 were caused by a loose earth strap on one particular train causing shorts. It was installed as part of the ATO modifications.
  • The last refurbished District Line train is due back in July 2008.
  • The Shepherd's Bush Central Line project is now directly managed by TfL directly rather than Metronet, which may explain the sudden change of plan last December.
  • A "Euston Interchange" project is mentioned, probably meaning linking up Euston Square. Initial design and "optioneering" (which shockingly is a real word) will happen in July.
  • Acton Town and Hendon Central will shortly become step-free.
  • Planning to provide step-free access is underway for: Green Park, Waterloo (Northern and Bakerloo), Baker Street, North Acton, Tower Hill, Paddington, Southfields, Finsbury Park and Vauxhall.
  • The new signalling system on the Victoria Line will come be used in service from January 2009 (and as I understand it, has to occur at exactly the same time as the first new train).
  • Kensington Olympia will be gated in October.
  • The "London Underground extensions" section in the budget is conspicuously blank.

  • A pilot test of a DLR ticket machine with (gasp!) Oyster starts in June.
  • The board voted last month to apply for powers for the Dagenham Dock DLR extensions.

London Overground
  • Crime on London Overground is down 40% and revenues are up 17% over the same period last year.
  • LOROL's new integrated control room is yet to open, but should improve information provision.
  • Five of London Overground's electric train fleet have "received the fleet refreshment package" and other improvement schemes are in the works.
  • "Manufacture" of the first new train for London Overground began on 11 February 2008, 35 days late ("production" began last September). Testing of it is pencilled in for 23 June 2008.
  • The apparent upping of the London Overground train order to 54 Electrostars (216 carriages) is mentioned again.
  • "Discussions continued" regarding Thameslink and East London Line phase 2.
  • One part of the East London Line construction schedule has been extended by 13 days to allow Crossrail-protection works to be done at Whitechapel so that the line can stay open during Crossrail construction.
  • The ELL Operational Building Complex will be "available for use by employee" from December.
  • Unlike the last two months, the possible takeover of Southern isn't mentioned anywhere.

Buses, Trams, Oyster
  • A new lower level extension opened at Hammersmith bus station on February 16
  • Oyster PAYG will be rolled out on a "TOC by TOC" basis if possible this year, "in advance of a wider rollout in 2009". That appears to be a backing off of the January 2009 date for all train operating companies.
  • Visitor Oyster Cards are selling well on National Express coaches, particularly airport services.
  • All buses will have iBus (i.e. talk) by February 2009.
  • Bus priority schemes for "flagship routes" 53, 207 and 253 are planned, and bus 38 on Shaftesbury Avenue.
  • Preferred routes for the Cross River Tram and Crystal Palace extension won't be chosen until next January.


Trances said...

foudn this intresting
When I came back via Gatwick on Tueday this week National Express were pushing the Oyster Cards hard to anyone buying tickets to central London.

Anonymous said...

Section 2.11 of the 2008/9 budget includes:

"New trains and additional customer service staff are to be provided and passengers will get a more frequent service from 2009."

More frequent, except for passengers using the Euston-Watford DC line, that is.

Anonymous said...

Are the minutes available in their usual electronic format yet?