Saturday, 29 March 2008

Thameslink 2000 visibly happening

Lurking at the side of Herne Hill station there's actual new track being laid as part of the Thameslink 2000 project, possibly the first since it got the go ahead last year:
It's nothing permanent, just a turnback siding so trains from the north can come here to reverse during engineering work. Trains using it won't be able to call at Herne Hill, since there's no platform. There's a tiny blurb about it at the back of the Network Rail business plan.

[via Modern Railways]


Anonymous said...

This is wonderfully reassuring - I thought we might never see this day!

So in your expert opinion - and I realise this is a very large ask - when would you estimate, if ever, that I'll see the first Thameslink trains passing through my area along the Dartford->Sidcup->London line?

You're welcome to ignore this question if you think it's unanswerable at this stage :-)

(P.S. Sorry this is 'anonymous' - my name's Paul but it wouldn't post when I put my name in so I had to switch to anonymous!)

Editor said...

Dartford via Sidcup is part of Key Output 1, which is due by 2011.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, thanks - I look forward to getting on a Thameslink train to go to the Olympics :-)

NWR Worker said...

Bit of a joke really just another example of network rail and the goverment throwing money away on a 2 bob sideing which will prob never get used whilst track on the mainline is falling apart remember saftey is paramount