Saturday, 29 March 2008

Croxley Rail Link rejected again

The Watford Observer reports that the latest business case for the Croxley Rail Link has been declared "non compliant" by the DfT, due to Transport for London not committing to an amount to contribute. But the DfT are still willing to talk to the council about what went wrong.

The picture is the closed Croxley Green station with a Metropolitan Line train going past if you squint hard enough. Took me ages to take that.


Anonymous said...

Ho hum. What odds now for the restoration of the Bakerloo to Watford Junction as a much cheaper way of getting it back on the tube network?

THC said...

Are you joking? I want names and addresses to send some serious hate mail. I want to see this scheme happen before I die, and I'm only 36. (And so does mister Geezer, only I infer that he is somewhat older...)

Former DGs of the UN should not stand idly by. I await your (diplomatic) proposals with interest.


Editor said...

If someone wants to send me the £500 they asked for when I requested a copy of the business plan, I'd be more than happy to have a look over it.

(Apparently if I take a trip to Hertford I can have a few minutes alone with it for free, as long as I don't make any copies)

Alan said...

This scheme would really improve public transport access to Watford Hospital, business park and shopping centre, as well as to Watford Junction Station. There would also be scope to run trains on the link from the Amersham branch. It must be a good idea if even the fuddy-duddy Tory Herts County Council thinks it is worth building. Come on TfL and Department of Transport and show a bit of vision as well!

Egdug said...

Depressing stuff. In addition to what Alan mentioned, there's the traffic to Vicarage Road for football and rugby.

A link to Amersham would make a nice alternative to driving through Croxley for a lot of people.