Monday, 10 March 2008

ELL bridge move diary dates

We now have provisional dates confirmed for when each of the three major bridges being built for the East London Line extension are to be moved into place:

  • Local signs state the Shoreditch High Street bridge (pictured) will be moved on the weekend of 29-30 March, with the road closed throughout.
  • The GE19 bridge will be moved starting Sunday May 4th. Liverpool Street station will be closed from 1.30am until 3.30am on Tuesday morning. The date was mentioned in these lecture notes and is confirmed by page 87 of Network Rail's Anglia possessions register, assuming "Structures work 0m 48ch" refers to it.
  • The New Cross Gate bridge will go in on on the weekend of May 10-11, a date given explicitly on page 177 of the Network Rail Southern Region possessions register.
According to the lecture notes, the Shoreditch bridge will be lifted and the other two will be slid. Thanks to reader abigailb for emailing the Shoreditch High Street info and the photo above.