Saturday, 29 March 2008

Prefab action at Mitcham Eastfields

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A week ago I tried to call Network Rail's bluff about their prefab station concept. Looks like I've lost.

In just a week they've erected a couple of lift shafts for the footbridge:

And the best part of a giant station building:
The building should end up looking a lot like the one at Greenhithe for Bluewater, which was built to the same design (turns out Mitcham Eastfields is Network Rail's second modular station).


Mark said...

Pre-fab. It's the future!
Leeds Whitehall was a pre-fab, but that was only a temporary station:

JPB said...

What's the point of a footbridge and lifts when the level crossing is a few meters away?
I can only think its for those who can't walk quickly enough to cross the level crossing enough?

Editor said...

It's a full barrier crossing, which means the gates close a few minutes before the train is due, and no one can get across. The platforms are positioned to come after the crossing, in both directions.

Therefore the gates will always close just as people are arriving to catch a train, stranding people if it weren't for the footbridge.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused about the lifts, surely if you are in a hurry stairs would be better?

I live the other side of the school and I can see the crossing from my window, I'm personally wondering how long it will take before the lifts are "personalised" by local kids, or possibly worse.

Anonymous said...

lifts mean DDA compliant ....

Anonymous said...

The quality of the design is apalling, looks like bit of a cheap shopping centre. Look at 1930s art deco/streamlined stations or some of the victorian small stations for any kind of quality or atmosphere
. This is design by accountancy.