Tuesday, 25 September 2007

London Overground branding info

This message board post reports back on a London Overground talk given last night at the London Transport Museum. Highlights include:

  • Shepherd's Bush station won't open until November 11
  • Existing stations are to be completely rebuilt. Before then, no obvious Overground branding. Afterwards, full tube-style roundels
  • Similarly, the existing trains won't receive the Overground livery.
  • The new Electrostars will have some sort of walk-through connections between carriages, though details are hazy
In related news, the first Electrostar went into production this week.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

TfL soliciting new bus shelter designs

Design Week reports that TfL are looking for a new design for bus shelters, as the current design is apparently 20 years old. CCTV and public address systems are mentioned. I can't dig up the full OJEU notice, but here's a tantalising glimpse of TFL's eTendering system.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Cross River Tram consultation results released

TfL have published the results of the Cross River Tram consultation. Other than generally positive support (though 3% wrote in to say "the CRT is generally a bad idea and there are no reasons for agreeing with this route choice"), there's nothing much to report. The most interesting thing are the linked copies of the consultation brochures, which have nice high-res diagrams of the proposed routes.

I notice TfL have opted not just to avoid discussing a proposed opening date, but any future timescale any next step of the project. Their FAQ asks and immediately sidesteps the question.

Oyster Barclaycard now available

The Barclaycard Onepulse credit card is now available. It has a built-in Oyster card, but there appears to be no connection between it and the credit card function, so you'll still have to top it up manually or use auto top-up.