Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Cross River Tram consultation results released

TfL have published the results of the Cross River Tram consultation. Other than generally positive support (though 3% wrote in to say "the CRT is generally a bad idea and there are no reasons for agreeing with this route choice"), there's nothing much to report. The most interesting thing are the linked copies of the consultation brochures, which have nice high-res diagrams of the proposed routes.

I notice TfL have opted not just to avoid discussing a proposed opening date, but any future timescale any next step of the project. Their FAQ asks and immediately sidesteps the question.

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Luke Peters said...

Sounds like it won't happen. THis is a good thing. It's just a low-capacity duplication of services that already exist. We should be reaching new destinations, with decent capacity. How this scheme ever got to this stage I don't know.