Monday, 28 July 2008

Mudchute DLR station progressing well

The main reason service the southern branch of the DLR is messed up is to rebuild Mudchute with three platforms. Reader Robert sends in this picture taken yesterday of how they're getting on:
They were doing two thing to this platform - extending it to take three car trains and giving it a second face onto the [currently trackless] siding behind it. The platform extension is clearly finished already (it's the section on individual supports) and the canopy shows there's serious progress on making it double sided.

It's notable that the canopy is much more substantial than the old one. The three-car programme is being used as an excuse to do a general upgrade programme, and several stations are going to get their whole canopies replaced, which is why you'll find construction hoardings along the whole length of Limehouse and Westferry, for example.


Anonymous said...

I remember when the Lewisham extension opened, how modern they looked compared to so many of the original stations. They reminded me of some of the modern tram stops in Europe, which were noticably absent from the Croydon Tramlink which opened around the same time as the Lewisham DLR extension.

Anonymous said...

They seem to have broken something now though - the single line working has shifted to the other track but today bank trains are terminating at Crossharbour, meaning that you have to walk or take a bus from there to Island Gardens.

This is apparently due to 'Signalling problems'

Anonymous said...

yeah i noticed that too. along with the whole jubilee line being cancelled due to "communication problems". so getting to south east london from canary wharf was a barrel of laughs