Tuesday, 1 July 2008

TfL Board Papers: June 2008

TfL held its first board meeting since the Mayoral election last week, and the papers are online. Highlights:

Oyster PAYG on National Rail

  • The rollout of Oyster PAYG London wide will require work "at 240 National Rail stations [which] includes the installation of around 1,100 Oyster validators, over 600 ticket gate upgrades, ticket machine upgrades [...]"
  • A fares proposal for Oyster PAYG has been submitted by the train companies, and is expected to be signed this month (July).
  • "Southern has now agreed to allow installation of Oyster equipment to commence immediately."
  • The Mayor's planned summit with train companies will look at "harmonisation of passenger standards (fares and information) plus interchange security and policing", as well as the headline Oyster PAYG issue.
London Underground
  • "Prior to its introduction on the District line, the new Sub-Surface train will be introduced on the Metropolitan line (from 2010) and on the Circle and Hammersmith and City lines (both 2012)," as previously announced. This seems to contradict Modern Railways' claim of a change of plan.
  • The Northern Line is now the most reliable on the network, with 98.5% of services running as planned, thanks to the new timetable.
  • The opening of the Northern Ticket Hall at King's Cross St Pancras has been moved forward to December 2009 at the request of the Department for Transport, in time for the start of Kent High Speed rail services.
  • The first new Victoria Line train will be tested in service in January 2009.
  • Testing of the new Jubilee Line signalling system isn't going well, with only a 50% success rate.
London Overground
  • Ticketless-travel on the Gospel Oak to Barking Line is down from 15% to 1.7% since London Overground took over.
  • The first new London Overground train will be tested in Derby this month, though it's unclear when the first one will be tested in London.
  • A few seats will be removed from the existing trains this month (as discussed for the GOBlin) to increase standing capacity and reduce boarding times.
  • The new London Overground platforms at Stratford will open in December 2008. These allow the existing ones to be reused for the DLR extension to Stratford International.
  • The first section of new slab track for the East London Line extension was laid on 12 April.
  • A final Crossrail funding agreement is being prepared for signing in September.
  • They're trying to get the Crossrail Bill passed before Parliament breaks up on 22 July, but it's looking "increasingly tight"
  • The congestion relief plans for Tottenham Court Road tube station require powers granted by the Crossrail Bill.
DLR and Tramlink
  • Track work for the DLR Woolwich Arsenal extension is complete
  • Testing of the new DLR trains is being held up by getting electrical interference approval from London Underground at Stratford.
  • An immediate cleaning and refurbishment of the Croydon tram system is planned now TfL own it, to be carried out by existing operating contractor First.


Anonymous said...

"Congestion relief plans for Tottenham Court Road tube station"

Uh oh, I smell another exit-only station... :-(

John B said...

"This is evidence Modern Railways' claim of a change of plan."

missing an "against"?

"Uh oh, I smell another exit-only station... :-("

only if the Crossrail bill fails to get through - if it succeeds, TfL has powers to build all sorts of groovy new things at TCR to improve access...

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that Brandenburg station has been given a secure station award by the DfT (page 7 of the Commisioner's report).

Unknown said...

PofP: Brandenburg, how bizarre! Just gone into MS Word and typed "Brondesbury" and lo and behold the spillchucker suggests the aforementioned greater Berlin region as the alternative.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the oyster PAYG proposal are? would you imagine they will be less than a paper ticket or the same?
and that doesn't sound good about jubilee line signalling :S