Saturday, 31 March 2007

Stratford Station upgrade

Last week, TfL announced major plans to rebuild Stratford station, mainly because the current station faces the wrong way for the Olympic site, Stratford City and Stratford International. Works include:

  • A new entrance and ticket hall will be built facing north, allowing access to the various developments.
  • The disused eastern subway will be reopened. Some of the existing platforms will be extended east to meet it.
  • An apparently massive footbridge will be constructed on the east edge of the station, stretching from the northern ticket hall to the south side of the A11 road, connecting the station to Stratford Shopping Centre.
  • The mezzanine level of the existing building will be extended east to connect to the bridge, with a new ticket barrier line.
  • Fourteen new lifts will be installed, allowing step-free access throughout.
  • Two new platforms will be built on the north edge of the station for North London Line services.
  • The existing North London Line platforms (1 and 2) will be converted for use by the new DLR service between Canning Town and Stratford International.
  • A second platform will be built on the south side of the westbound Central Line track, which should ease overcrowding on the existing platform, especially during the Olympics.
The new North London Line platforms are the first phase of the DLR to Stratford International scheme, and will need to open before construction of the northern part of the line can begin.

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obbitz said...

Does anyone else find it strange that the DLR is planned to link the Stratford regional & Stratford International stations.
Surely for the International station to be taken seriously the Jubilee line should be extended up along the North London line to Stratford International not the DLR.
It is poor people flow expecting passengers with their baggage to alight at Stratford international & get on the DLR to go one stop to Stratford Regional to change again.
This sort of hassle will make people stay on the Eurostar until St Pancreas, increasing passenger flow at St Pancreas whilst Stratford International becomes a white elephant.
The Jubilee line however is the only tube line the intersects with every other tube line. Getting on the Jubilee at Stratford International would mean being on change away from every tube station on the network, The Jubilee is also a direct link to the Dome, Canary Wharf, London Bridge for the    City, Waterloo, Westminster, bond Street & even Wembly.
Surely this is a more efficient way of moving people around London.
Could the new Woolich DLR branch line terminate at new platforms between Stratford Bus Station & the existing North London line. This would "free up" the existing North London line for the Jubilee to use.