Monday, 23 April 2007

Bakerloo Line extenstion on?

This week's Time Out is tube themed and has an interview with Tim O'Toole, the man in charge at London Underground. He says the usual stuff about Crossrail, Thameslink and other things before dropping this bombshell:

We've also got plans to extend the Bakerloo south.
This is news to me (though apparently not to Wikipedia, where an anonymous user claims it's part of the Mayor's "South London Tube Plan", whatever that is). The TfL Transport 2025 document has no mention of a southern extension. The only thing I can find that backs it up is this evergreen news story, which is indistinguishable from Ken being polite to a campaign group so they'll go away.


Anonymous said...

Wikipedia talks about it here: although it doesn't seem to have any references. If the Northern Line was built to Camberwell instead, there's always the Old Kent Road corridor to extend the Bakerloo Line down.

Luke Peters said...

Very true. A Northern Line split and extend is long overdue too. I'd like to see the Bakerloo go down the Old Kent Road to New Cross Gate, so they can close that clumsy spur on the ELL.

These are relatively cheap and easy projects. If London can't do this - I despair.