Friday, 8 June 2007

The East London Line route through Shoreditch

Detailed plans of how exactly the East London Line will get from Whitechapel to Hoxton are conspicuously absent from the web, but this planning application does at least show what will happen in the Shoreditch area.

[Update: a proper map]

According to the map, the cutting north from Whitechapel will be partly filled in, providing a ramp up to ground level, which it will reach at Bratley Street. It will then continue rising on an embankment, crossing the Great Eastern Main Line and then going over Brick Lane. The embankment is where the line leaves the existing alignment into Shoreditch station, as shown by the dotted rectangle on the map.

Because the cutting is being filled in, the bridges that carry Pedley Street, Fleet Street Hill, Bratley Street and Weaver Street over the line (area map) will need to be removed to provide clearance. New roads will be built to reconnect everything, as briefly mentioned in the East London Line Extension Order. Pedley Street will be rerouted further north (Work No. 7), passing under the new line and connecting with the north ends of the severed streets, then continuing east to meet Valance Road (Work No. 4). The south ends of the severed streets will be connected to Buxton Street by Work No. 5. A footbridge over the line will be provided at Fleet Street Hill (Work No. 6).

The planning application itself is mainly about the demolition of Bridge GE19, for which Liverpool Street will be closed this Christmas. This is the railway viaduct visible from Brick Lane near the site of the recently closed Shoreditch tube station. The East London Line extension will cross the Great Eastern Main Line and Brick Lane in much the same place, but on a brand new structure.