Saturday, 13 October 2007

DLR capacity enhancement summary

Bank in July, TfL announced that various parts of the 3 car DLR upgrade program were going ahead, but the press release was so confused about exactly which bits I gave up trying to write it up and emailed them for clarification. I stumbled upon their reply today while clearing out my inbox, and I though I'd belatedly share.

Phase 1:

  • Bank to Lewisham
  • Tower Gateway rebuild - conspicuously absent from the last press release, but definitely in phase 1.
  • Delta Junction rebuild - this is still listed on the website under phase 2, but they tell me it's part of phase 1.
Phase 2:
  • Poplar to Beckton
  • Poplar to Stratford
The DLR has successfully obtained Transport And Works Orders (1, 2) for everything listed, despite what their website says. Phase 1 has funding and should be completed in two year's time. Phase 2 does not, but nevertheless they told me they expect construction on at least the Stratford route to start early next year.