Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Mayor confirms Crossrail details

Ken has released a statement confirming various details of Crossrail. In summary:

  • As already announced, TfL will take sole control of the Crossrail project from next year
  • The Abbey Wood branch will be built in the first phase - a direct rebuttal of rumours it wouldn't.
  • Crossrail services will be phased in over 12 months
  • Standard rate zonal fares (including Oyster) will apply to most of Crossrail, but premium pricing on the Heathrow branch will continue.
  • The Mayor hopes East Londoners will be able to get jobs on the project.
  • "With the advent of Crossrail, total public transport capacity will increase by 10%", which represents "40% of the extra rail capacity London needs by middle of the next decade".
There's nothing spectacularly new here, but it should stop a few of the rumours flying around.

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Sweek said...

A Heathrow Connect-like premium seems quite fair, and I'm sure it can be combined with Oyster PAYG.