Monday, 5 November 2007

King's Cross temporary tunnel is truly temporary

A couple of weeks ago I reported on a new "temporary" tunnel at King's Cross St Pancras tube station. I've just got an email back from London Underground, and it turns out it really is temporary:

It will be filled in once redevelopment work is completed in approximately two years time, when escalators will be in place to link the two services.
Seems an awful lot of effort going to waste.


Andrew said...

Given that they have prime real estate beneath central London, you think they could repurpose it as storage space or something similar.

Then again, perhaps in the post-9/11 (and post-7/7) world, leaving disused spaces in busy railway stations to be lost track of is considered a bad idea.

Simon H said...

Perhaps it's temporary for Health and Safety reasons?

Anonymous said...

Given the history of Kings Cross Tube station I'd have thought that extra tunnels could be useful in an emergency.

It would certainly be cheaper just to mothball them rather than fill them in