Saturday, 19 January 2008

The London Gaps Map: now with labels

A few months ago I posted the London Gaps Map, which shows the quarter and half mile catchment areas of every tube, rail, DLR and Tramlink station, and highlights the bits of London that don't have any stations nearby. But it was pretty useless because I didn't bother to label it.

I've corrected that in this version, labelling various stations and also adding the Thames, which should be a big help figuring out which stations the other dots represent.

For good measure, I've also shown the roures the East London Line extension and the Croxley Link, two projects that will fill in a couple of gaps (or will and probably never will, respectively).


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could do a version with 1 mile circles. Might be useful in visualising the real transport black holes in London.

Anonymous said...

I always found this useful

The fact that a quarter of London, the south-east, is entirely tubeless, is amazing and plain wrong.

South East Londoners have to pay as much congestion charge as anyone else, and drive on fewer arterial roads, and yet their CC still subsidises a transport system which does not service them.

Strictly speaking they should be entitled to a rebate of the proportion of their CC which is spent on the underground system which reaches almost from the midlands to the west country to the essex coast, but cannot service Peckham - 4 miles from Trafalgar Square.

Jonas Andersson said...

I’ve made a simple rendition of the black holes indicated by your map, overlaying them onto a traditional Google map. This shows gives us some interesting socioeconomic hints... Check it.

Luke Peters said...

Fantastic work whoever did this. I once did this on paper with a compass, using a 500m radius. I think 1 mile is far beyond an ideal catchment for our stations. The gaping hole around Camberwell and Peckham still astonishes me. Hopefully someone will get the Bakerloo and Northern extensions off the ground soon.