Monday, 21 January 2008

London Overground GOBLIN train order formally announced

The order for new diesel trains for London Overground's Gospel Oak to Barking Line has been formally announced by Bombardier:

Bombardier Transportation has won a second order for its next generation “Green Trains”. The contract, worth approximately 44 million euros ($65 million US), is an order for twelve 2-car BOMBARDIER next generation diesel multiple units from Angel Trains. The trains are being provided for London Overground Rail Operations Limited (LOROL) for use on the London Overground network and for Chiltern Railways.
The unusual thing is the order being split with Chiltern, who London Overground's operators LOROL share a parent company with.

The press release doesn't say how the twelve trains will be split, but TfL separately mention they'll be getting eight of them. They need five or six trains in service to provide the promised 15 minute service, so eight is about right. Speaking of which, delivery of the new trains begins in Q4 2009, while the new timetable is due in December 2009. That seems a bit tight.

The trains will be owned by Angel Trains rather than TfL directly (like the electric trains are). This allows them to be easily transferred elsewhere if the GOBLIN is ever electrified.

In related news, Laing Rail is being taken over by DB, the German national railway company. Laing owns half of LOROL, and also Chiltern Railways.



Anonymous said...

As an aside, as you mention, German Railways (DB) now own Laing Rail and through them a part share in London Overground (formally Silverlink).

This makes my brain hurt.

I live (almost) next to Acton Central so use the North London Line a lot. You can just about guarantee that any train is late. The few weeks of TfL control have not improved punctuality although they have switched on the electric displays (AC was only about 3 years behind the rest of the NLL in this.)

I also travel on DB rail a few times a year. They are completely punctual.

I find it hard to imagine two rail companies more different: DB rail and the NLL.

Most likely DB are in for a rude awakening.
I suppose its just possible than some Germanic ideas about trains (you know, arriving on time occasionally) might filter down... dah, that will never happen.

Dazz285 said...

In answer to the comment about late running trains try this for starters..
Departing Richmond.. The district line leaves 2 mins in front and delays the NLL trains most of the time..
Bollo Lane signal box sometimes holds the sgnal out of Gunnersbury... causing delay.

Departing Stratford..
The NLL is one of the most used lines by freight..
The line is old...
The signals are old ...
In peak times most passengers only want to use 1 door and NOT the 6 provided...
All these cause delays...

Anonymous said...

In addition to Dazz's comments, There is also a good chance that Gospel Oak will wait till you're almost at a stand at their first signal in either direction before pulling the road off. Then when you get to Acton Wells Jn you'll normally be on a yellow only to come round towards Acton Central to find that you've got a yellow there just for the sake of dropping the barriers for maybe an extra minute. The same goes from coming from South Acton towards AC, Get a yellow just off the platform at SA and come in very slow to AC since you've got a red at the end of the platform and as soon as you arrive the barriers start to drop so it changes to a green/yellow as soon as you stop.

Just one of the lots of reasons why we run late. Also as Dazz said, it also doesnt help that you get to places like highbury/dalston etc and everyone decides to all use the same door when the rear of the train is virtually empty, not to mention the odd Lemon that stands on the platform looking at the doors rather than pressing the button to get in.