Friday, 22 February 2008

Imminent changes to Oyster PAYG

London Travelwatch have posted minutes from a meeting where TfL discussed how Oyster PAYG is working out on London Overground, and related matters. Highlights:

  • The elimination of Cheap Day Returns is causing problems with fare anomalies at Richmond, Watford Junction, West Hampstead and others. They plan to reintroduce them from Richmond in February and do some unspecified fiddling in May (This should please diamondgeezer).
  • First Class fares are to make a comeback for journeys where London Midland or Southern have it available.
  • Richmond to Stratford on Oyster PAYG is still charged as via Z1, regardless of route. They plan to review anomalies like this in May, and "there are also likely to be two different fares depending on the route", though I've no idea how that will work.
  • Oyster PAYG take-up and revenue in general has been much higher than expected.
  • There's no Oyster ticket machine at Clapham Junction due to objections from South West Trains, so a local newsagent is doing a brisk trade (this was thought to be resolved in October, but apparently not).
  • First Great Western's rollout of Oyster PAYG to all its London stations may happen "sooner than previously anticipated." Ealing Broadway to Paddington is due "shortly" ("Spring" according to this map)


D-Notice said...

The top of page 3 of the document mentions "zone 10"?!

Abigail said...

"Zone 10" is internal for the special zone that Watford Junction is in. Shouldn't be seen in customer-facing materials.

Pedantic of Purley said...

I was particulary pleased to see the issue of National Rail stations not selling Travelcards covering Zones 7-9 being raised.

It took two years of correspondance just to get the correct single fare from my local station to Amersham to be issued. Still the fact that the subject got mentioned in the minutes (para 3.4) does show that people do take notice if you make your point and keep writing, taking it further if necessary, when they get it wrong.

dgeezer said...

Yes I'm pleased (although I no longer have a repeated need to go to Watford, alas).