Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Board Papers time again

The notes from this month's TfL board meeting have been published. A few things of note:

  • TfL have started ordering Oyster equipment for the roll out to the whole National Rail network in 2009
  • London Bridge may not have capacity for South London Line trains when it's rebuilt for Thameslink (there'll be fewer terminus platforms). TfL suggest the East London Line phase 2 should go ahead ASAP to solve this problem.
  • Major DLR works will happen at Stratford during the Christmas closure on Liverpool St (this probably actually means the new North London Line platforms).
  • An "Oyster Control Centre" has been setup, whose main job seems to be reprogramming the gatelines to fix unresolved journeys after station evacuations and other events.
  • The first new Piccadilly Line train is due in 2011, with the upgrade progamme finsihed by 2014
  • TfL are having doubts about how feasible it is to extend Circle Line stations for 7 car trains, and are investigating other options.
  • TfL are still deciding whether to go with the "Harmony" or SLC2k service patterns for the North London Line upgrade. No idea what either of these are.
  • The future of the Cross River Tram and Crystal Palace Tramlink extension looks very murky
  • "The review of a number of projects in the Planning directorate continued this quarter, including tram and bus transit schemes. The outputs of these reviews are expected to be made available at the end of the year."
  • The East London Transit project (Ilford-Barking-Dagenham) appears to be progressing, but isn't due to start in October 2009.
  • Greenwich Waterfront Transit is still in public consultation, and will take even longer.
  • A TWA application for the DLR Dagenham Dock extension will be made early next year, but the project has no funding after that.
The last few bits are from the appendices.

Update: The document has been updated with a load of extra bits tacked on, including enormous tables of Travelcard and London Overground prices.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like TfL are really up to date with the National Rail TOCs (see page 18 of the Dec 07 'Agenda and papers' PDF):

'Midland Mainline started accepting Oyster pay as you go on journeys between Euston and Watford Junction on 18 November 2007 after agreement was reached with them on this scheme.'

Give me strength...