Monday, 10 December 2007

Railcard discounts on Oyster PAYG

Another new thing in the fares leaflet is the availability of Railcard discounted fares caps on Oyster PAYG. You'll be able to have your Young Persons, Disabled Persons, HM Forces or Senior Railcard loaded onto your Oyster card (no details how) and from then on the off-peak fares cap for you will be around a third lower than normal (e.g. £3.10 vs £4.80 for Zones 1-2). There doesn't appear to be a discount on peak caps or single journeys.


Sweek said...

That's excellent, and should come in very useful for me now.

I have often walked to the nearest national rail station to get a travelcard with my young person's railcard, after which I walked to the tube station or a bus, just because it could save me money. No more of that, then!

sven945 said...

That's rather excellent! Presumably it's partly a compromise to the people campaigning for Student Oyster card discounts to be applied for PAYG journeys.

Although does it say if it will use the travelcard peak time definitions (after 9:30/10am ish - I forget when exactly) or the Oyster peak time (7am - 7pm)?

Editor said...

It's after 9:30.

(it would appear in Oyster jargon the 7am-7pm more-expensive single fares aren't ever called "peak")

Rob said...

Will it apply to family railcards?

nick said...

Sounds like good news. Any mention of annual season ticket "Gold Card" or Network Railcard discounts?