Friday, 7 December 2007

The King's Cross St. Pancras nexus - a novelty tube map

Just in time for the closure of King's Cross Thameslink and the opening of the Thameslink platforms at St Pancras this weekend, here is a complete diagram I've made of the whole complex, in the style of the tube map. It attempts to show every public passageway, escalator and entrance, and as far as possible it's geometrically as well as topologically accurate, so in a very approximate way the shape of the interchange blobs matches the shape of each interchange.

There are a few of the more obvious things I left out:

  • None of the changes for the new King's Cross concourse are shown, though the new tube station passageways underneath it are.
  • It shows all of St Pancras as open. The Circle and the coach station are not.
  • Pancras Road continues further north.
  • The public part of the mezzanine level at St Pancras is not shown, but there's very little on it of note.
  • The temporary diversion of the passageway to the Piccadilly Line is not shown.
  • I couldn't be bothered drawing separate lines for GNER/NX East Coast, Hull Trains, Grand Central, etc.
  • It's in Gill Sans, not New Johnston.
Links: PNG | Zipped PDF


sean said...

thanks for that,
but I still can't figure iut how I get down to the victoria line platform from St Pancras Thameslink

Editor said...

On the map, follow the blue line down past where it says Eurostar Arrivals to the Western Ticket Hall, then follow the orange line across to the Tube Ticket Hall, then through the ticket barriers and down the escalator marked 5.

In practice, you just go straight on after of the Thameslink escalators past all the shops, through a set of narrow doorways to reach the Western Ticket Hall. Turn left down the stairs and go through the subway to the old tube station, then it's the escalator on the right.

Editor said...

(And yes, it's as long a walk as it looks)

albar said...

Overcrowding (or at least a perception by the management that the station is overcrowded) seems to be a big problem at the underground station. Last night at 6.10pm the entrances to the Met Station were all closed, and people from a large crowd were being restricted to single file at the entrance on the forecourt at Kings Cross mainline. When I got in the Met station didn't actually seem overcrowded. Much better when the Kings Cross Thameslink station was open!