Saturday, 1 December 2007

Pedestrian projects

A new map has just appeared on the TfL website showing the various improvements they're making to walking around the city. Mostly new pedestrian crossings and so on, but worth a look.

TfL appear to be going ahead with the Walthamstow interchange idea, which will provide an easy walking route between Walthamstow Queens Road (on the Gospel Oak to Barking line) and Walthamstow Central. They're going for the easier option of providing new street entrances at the closest corner of each station, making the route as short as possible, rather than the more expensive idea mentioned on Always Touch Out of providing a subway from Queens Road station to Selbourne Road, which would give the station easy access to the main Walthamstow shopping area, though the walk to Walthamstow Central this way would be longer.

The pedestrianisation of Cowcross Street (outside Farringdon station) is also on the map.

Update: An anonymous commenter points out Waltham Forest's own plans which include the subway scheme: "New walkway under the railway line to link this area with the Town Centre, to be connected to a new high-level platform and station building over the Queens Road station." So both schemes are potentially going to be built, as well as a major upgrade to Queens Road station.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure about the Walthamstow plans. See the summary of the council's vision consultation document -

It does indeed have a link between the two stations and what looks like a footbridge at the end of the car park to the town square.

However the note, map and previous documents speak of a new road, buildings and a tunnel under the railway to Selborne Road.

I did query this though because its not clear. Both would be nice!

Anonymous said...

The major upgrade at Queens Road will consist of Reconstructing the platform canopies.