Thursday, 17 April 2008

Crystal Palace Tramlink follow up

While I was writing my post on the Tramlink extensions to Crystal Palace, I emailed a few questions to the project team. They just got to back to me, saying:

  • Complete taking over the rail route from Crystal Palace to Beckanham Junction is still a possibility, although not currently part of the preferred scheme.
  • The route across the other rail tracks is still under consideration.
  • They reckon they can get from Penge Road to Anerley Road using only existing railway land, rather than talking away adjacent back gardens as I suggested*, though I doubt they can manage this between Anerley Road and Crystal Palace station.
* Yes, they bothered to read my blog. A lot better than when I phoned TfL's press office to ask for an explanation about Bank-Monument, and was yelled at almost immediately, and told I should just post whatever nonsense they'd put in their press release, how dare a blogger question TfL.


Timbobean said...

Just shows the power of the Blogger! TfL ignore you at their peril :-).

Max Roberts said...

Its not just bloggers, they have contempt for everyone who is not them, including people who attempt wield a calculator. I never did get a response to the following email when I crunched some numbers and realised that their CRT figures were a work of fiction: