Sunday, 27 April 2008

Shadwell DLR platform extension nearing completion

For whatever reason, Shadwell is getting its platform extended to take three cars long before most other stations. I was passing through and spotted this muddy hole in the ground is a bit of surfacing away from being a proper platform:

There was a reference to "Shadwell Track Slew Completed: May-08" in the recent board papers, which is probably a reference to the eastbound track not being in line with the platform:

In other platform extension news, most stations on the Poplar-Stratford route now have their extension boundaries marked out with blue fencing.

Don't got too excited though. I've just noticed the official completion date has been officially pushed back to early 2010 (not just unofficially). And if you live on the Beckton branch, sorry, you're not included.


Richard Williamson said...

Greenwich (for national rail) has had minor works begun as well

James K said...

Poplar has its three platform extention complete already