Tuesday, 6 May 2008

DLR to Dagenham Dock TWA Order submitted

TfL last week submitted an application for a Transport and Works Act order (planning permission, essentially) for the DLR extension to Dagenham Dock. TfL's project page is a bit of a waste of space, but the route map at least shows you where it will go. A better place to look is the February board papers, which includes a detailed report along with route maps and diagrams, all beginning on page 111 of the PDF. The application itself is also on public display in various locations.

The line connects to the Beckton branch at Gallions Reach, running for 4 miles along the north bank of the Thames to c2c's Dagenham Dock station. The land it runs through is mostly undeveloped (the site of Beckton Riverside station is pictured), but permission has been granted for 10,800 new homes in the Barking Riverside development alone. Only 4,000 are allowed to be occupied before the line is built.

Trains will run from Dagenham Dock to Canning Town or through to Stratford International. There'll be no services to Central London or the Isle of Dogs - the idea is you change to Crossrail at Custom House or the Jubilee Line at Canning Town. The Beckton-Tower Gateway service will continue to run.

The cost is projected at £750m. Although they hope to get approval by late 2009, construction isn't scheduled to start until 2013, with opening due around 2017.

[thanks to reader Jamie for the TWA tip-off]


kev said...

Any idea why the cost is so high? According to alwaystouchout, the city airport extension (4.4km) was £140m. Alwaystouchout also lists an earlier cost estimate for the 6km Dagenham dock scheme: only £200m.

Simon H said...

That TFL route map seems to show the line going through a lot of stuff that's still standing (business park/industrial estate type boxes).

Alex said...

This map also shows huge stretches of track without a station. I wonder if there will be a provision made for possible construction in the future? (like it was with Pudding Mill Lane, Langdon Park, and is with Thames Wharf)

Alex said...

Idea! May be it is so expensive, because they've included platform extensions for Beckton branch in it?

P-Style said...

a large part of the expense is due to the tunnelled section beneth the River Roding. See the dashed section of the Route Map.