Monday, 26 May 2008

Engineers break the DLR

The engineering work on the DLR this weekend has inadvertently resulted in trains no longer being able to run around the west side of the junction at the north end of the Isle of Dogs (between Westferry and West India Quay). That means no trains between Bank and Canary Wharf/Lewisham and an emergency timetable on all other routes. This is expected to last several days.

As part of the Delta Junction upgrade they needed to demolish one side of the viaduct while leaving two passable tracks on the other side, and if that's the work they were doing this weekend (no idea) then I'd speculate they've demolished too much.


secretlondon said...

"Engineers have identified that a bridge at Poplar requires more work than was originally scheduled.

Howard Smith, Chief Operating Officer, London Rail said: "During engineering works over the weekend to prepare the DLR network for three carriage trains, engineers working on a bridge at Poplar identified additional works would be needed this week."

Anonymous said...

There was no service from Bank or Tower Gateway at all this morning (at 7:40am or so).

Martin_Petrov said...

Conveniently, the 135 bus appeared over the weekend, which will take people from Canary Wharf to Limehouse (and on to Aldgate, Liverpool St and Old St)

Canary Wharf could do with more buses, to be honest. I get the 277 every day, and it's well used.

Anonymous said...

Were Network Rail involved in this job then?

Ant said...

As a Beckton branch user, this is actually good news.

It means instead of our service stopping at Poplar during the "extended" rush hour, we get back our through service to Tower Gateway.

We done those engineers !!