Friday, 9 May 2008

New Cross Gate bridge move this weekend

This weekend sees the third of this year's major bridge installations for the East London Line extension. The bridge has been assembled alongside the main line just north of New Cross Gate station and will carry one track over the main line to London Bridge (see map).

This TfL-supplied image shows what's what, the bridge has been assembled a fair distance from where it needs to go (click to enlarge):
This bridge needs to end up between the South Abutment and what they term the Mid piers, at almost a right angle to where it is now. There'll be a second smaller, simpler bridge in the gap north of the Mid piers.

Here's a ropey video still from yesterday, showing the bridge has been loaded onto self-propelled vehicles:
It's pretty obvious the plan is to one way or another drive the bridge over the track and into the right place.

There's no sign of a webcam this time round and if you want to see it for yourself it's pretty much only visible from the bottom of Mercury Way. I'll be on site and hopefully get some decent pictures.

(btw There's still one more major-ish bridge to go in. Where the main route crosses Surrey Canal Road, the old bridge has been removed and will be replaced with a very similar new one)