Wednesday, 28 May 2008

GE19 bridge falling apart

Part of the East London Line extension's GE19 bridge has fallen off, closing Liverpool Street station:

Train services at Liverpool Street station have been suspended while structural engineers inspect a new bridge which has partially collapsed. [...] Around 300 passengers on three trains stopped before entering the station had to walk along tracks to Bethnal Green.
Off there to get pictures now.

Update: Couldn't see a thing wrong with it. This eyewitness report says it's the concrete decking that's fallen on the tracks, as does The Telegraph, implying the main structure is safe.

Update 2: Just remembered I had this photo that shows how the deck is supported, taken from a train a couple of weeks ago. Richard J has a clearer picture of the same thing.

Update 3: Construction News has what looks like a full explanation of what happened. The Ipswich Evening Star has a photo of the gaps in the deck.


Arkady said...

According to the latest BBC report, it wasn't the concrete decking but scaffolding from the bridge which fell onto the tracks, so not a collapse at all. That would explain why the bridge doesn't look damaged.

Michael Hoffman said...

Not good but a lot better than it seemed at first.