Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Mitcham Eastfields countdown: Two weeks to go

Mitcham Eastfields station is allegedly opening in two weekend's time, and last we looked, progress was disappointing.

Here it is as of last Sunday. The building is almost finished, and the northbound platform has gained fencing and lights on top of its posts:
It turns out I was wrong to think there was anything to be built in the empty end of the building. While some plans show the ticket office at the north end, they've clearly switched it around and that end will be open to the elements. No ticket barriers either.

Still no sign of that footbridge:

The southbound platform has a bit of a localised Shepherd's Bush going on:

Still a lot to do, but the May 18th date isn't looking quite as unlikely as before.

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THC said...

naah... can't see the HMRI signing it off at what will only be a moment's given notice between now and the eighteenth. In terms of lead time this station has a similar track record to Shepherd's Bush, so another delay won't make much difference to the locals.


GAHoodUK said...

i thought HMRI rules said all new stations had to have straight platforms...gtfhese appear to curve or is the curve just a distirtion of the camera lens

Paul Scott said...

I think the ticket office block shows the limitation of a modular design somewhat. If it was longer and had less width (in platform terms IYSWIM) it wouldn't seem such an obstruction between the entrance and the platform, and could still fit under the same roof area? The platform space between the 'block' and the tracks seems very tight, with doors opening towards the tracks too. Hopefully trains will stop further along...

Martin Whelton said...

The development is fantastic and hopefully it will open on 18th May. As a local councillor I look forward to the station opening later this month.

plcd1 said...

A post on another group suggests opening date is 1st June. This is from someone who works for Southern.