Monday, 12 May 2008

East London Line progress photos: May 2008

Time for a look at bits of East London Line construction that don't involve moving bridges. Last month's is here.

A high rise development will be built above Dalston Junction, and the track layout for the station in the basement is now clearly visible:
This photo's taken from the north end, so the two gaps are for the curve around towards Highbury and Islington, with the terminus platforms behind the wall in the middle.

I still haven't been to get hold of detailed plans for the next two stations, but at Haggerston the concrete for the platforms is visible on the new section of viaduct:
The bridge over Lee Street (on the left) is only wide enough for the track, while the bridge over Arbutus Street (on the right) is clearly designed to carry platforms, so we can conclude pretty definitely that the platforms will start on the north side of Lee Street with the entrance likely to be between there and Arbutus Street.

At Hoxton they're building something on a corner of the station construction site, but I'm increasingly thinking it isn't railway related:
The wall on the right is the viaduct.

Continuing south to the Holywell Lane viaduct (Shoreditch map yadda yadda) they've built this nice chunky support column:

Speaking of chunky concrete, they've started taking down the scaffolding from Shoreditch High Street station:
Just wait for the walls to go up.

Remember that big extension on the front of the GE19 bridge? It's been taken off and dismantled:
(reduced to shoving my camera through a gap in the fence this time)

Last month there was a disused bridge over the line just west of Valance Road. Not any more:This will be the ramp up to the GE19 bridge.

Slightly further towards Whitechapel, there was some temporary track. Again, gone, replaced with a new concrete trackbed:

Jumping a long way south to the missing bridge over Surrey Canal Road. Last week I said it still needed to be replaced. They're way ahead of me:
Way off in the distance above the van is the light blue footbridge that marks the future site of Surrey Canal Road station on the ELL phase 2 route.

At the New Cross Gate flyover, the north ramp looks fairly complete:

While the south one doesn't:

Of course there's a bridge between them now.

Finally, reader Dave has emailed in to say new points have just been put in south of New Cross Gate station ready for through trains. I've also seen new track ready to go in at New Cross (which is where I've heard engineering trains will come in). With the replacement of the Surrey Canal Road bridge complete, it looks like main line trains should be able to reach the central part of the line pretty soon.


Malc said...

Great pics as ever, thanks.

Closer to my side of London, Do you happen to know when the refurb of Earl's Court is due to be completed? TfL's website says 'Spring 2008' but I'd say we were past that now...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the development rights above the new Dalston Junction station are contribution towards the overall project? Presumably like at Shoreditch High St we will get something like an underground station, with building continuimg over it for some time to come?

Sweek said...

I sometimes wonder why the ELL closure for this project is so long, but all your pictures and updates illustrate exactly how much work is being done. Thank again. :)

Paul Scott said...

I wonder if the 'thing' at Hoxton could be some sort of ancillary equipment housing, such as traction power supplies or something - it is possibly a bit of a 'third rail' outpost?