Monday, 2 June 2008

Mitcham Eastfields now open (sort of)

London's newest railway station opened this afternoon, 8 hours, 2 weeks or 72 years late.

Just 9 months ago it was greenlighted, 5 months ago it was little but dirt, 2 months ago there were still no buildings and a month ago there was no footbridge.

As of today:

  • Southern trains are calling, but First Capital Connect trains aren't, whatever Live Departures tells you. Update 3/6: Possibly they are now.
  • One of the four Driver Only Operation cameras on the southbound platform is dead, and one of the four on the northbound is out of focus, which must be why only Southern are calling (FCC don't employ any guards).
  • The footbridge is open, but the lifts aren't.
  • Both platform canopies have panels missing.
  • The station building canopy and adjacent platform canopy do not overlap.
  • The station building has at least 5 external doors, but as yet none is the promised public toilet.
  • Some ticket machines can already you a ticket to the station, but don't expect the barriers at Victoria (either station) to recognise them.
  • It has a staffed ticket office, but the opening hours are puny.
  • Both platforms have entrances at their far ends, as well as by the level crossing.
  • There were a whole load of locals gathered to check out the station, but no staff around.
I shan't bore you with more photos. Go down there yourself - it's easy to get to now and you'll find the best chip shop in London a couple of minutes walk down Tamworth Lane.


Anonymous said...

Hey, would you mind enlightening a North Londoner as to the best chip shop in London? It'll give me an excuse to visit the station. =p

Mizter T said...

Best chip shop in London eh? You've stepped onto some very contentious territory it must be said! But it's some hook to get people down to Eastfields... me wonders if you've got a free kick-back chip mountain bonanza waiting for you there next time.

Thanks for the on-the-scene reportage. I did however think that the Southern trains on this route were all DOO (i.e. no guards) as well though...

Sweek said...

I'm wondering how many people are actually taking trains from there already, and what the projected usage of the station is.

Anonymous said...

First Capital Connect have issued a press release today, and it looks like someone left something in paragraph #7 by accident...

Forty-eight sq m of solar panels on the roof will harness energy from the sun to power lighting and other electrical appliances. Carbon emissions will be reduced by 10% (compared with what?) and rainwater harvesting will also be possible.

Helen K said...

any idea when oyster pre-pay might be implemented at this station? It's pretty useless without it for me without it unfortunately.

buspassenger said...

Had a look today (pass through late morning, stop for a look on way back mid-afternoon) - quite a few passengers, more the first time. The up platform seems to be used as a thoroughfare.

Dunno about solar power though - there are at least four generators, two of which (near the building) look as if they're meant to be there for a long time.

There are two doors facing the tracks, one of which seems to be the office entrance (marked private) and the other one of which is now marked as the toilet. No idea what the three on the end are about, or why they are behind a swinging gate, or why one of them ha a small silver box on the wall.