Saturday, 14 June 2008

GE19 bridge collapse: New details emerge

New Civil Engineer has a write-up (reg. req'd) of the latest information regarding the GE19 bridge collapse:

Packing supporting the bridge failed at one support point, causing a second temporary support to fail. The bridge slipped to its final resting position at both points. As the steel warren truss structure fell, one of the precast concrete slabs forming the bridge's deck came loose and dropped onto railway lines below.
So it wasn't scaffolding or part of the support that fell down. The slab in question was part of a thin lightwight deck, probably designed to protect the line from workers above until the final deck was poured on top.

The article mentions that until the bridge is finished they can't bring materials from the Silwood Triangle worksite to the northern extension by rail, which means this cock-up could have delayed the whole East London Line project.

[via District Dave]


Anonymous said...

Noticed some new rolling stock on the east side of the worksite today. A number of full size, empty, ballast type wagons with a TFL roundel on side. Also a very old looking main line diesel. Are they bringing things round St Mary's curve , as I think the track is still up further south?

Anonymous said...

The concrete plank that fell was permanent formwork that is used to allow them to cast the concrete deck, nothing more than that

Paul Scott said...

Has work on the bridge started again yet?