Saturday, 14 June 2008

Mayor reviewing tram schemes and bus shelter projects

Architects' Journal has a slightly scare-mongering story about the status of the Oxford Street Tram and bus shelter redesign projects:

Boris Johnson has poured cold water on the proposals after he asked for a pan-London review of all the tram schemes currently on the drawing board.

Meanwhile, the TfL-run contest to find a new design to replace London's 12,500 bus shelters – hailed by Design for London boss Peter Bishop 'as the chance to design a new icon' – has failed to come up with a winner.
I don't think it's even news that Boris Johnson is conducting a review of the tram and transit schemes he's inherited (West End Tram, Cross River Tram, East London Transit and Greenwich Waterfront Transit), but I'm surprised to learn Westminster Council is against the West End Tram scheme.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the TfL-led scheme to design a replacement for the bendy bus, which was one of the central planks of Bozza's transport policy, will have a similar result.

And did anyone read the latest Private Eye, in which Steve Norris is being touted as the next Commissioner?

Barry said...

He was not being touted as commissioner but simply as a member of the TfL Board. At one time he was being suggested as Chairman but that has now been ruled out.

I too think that the articulated bus will be around for a long while yet. Any other option would be extremely costly and in any event they are more popular than the Evening Standard would have us believe!

Max Roberts said...

Gate stock
Watford Joint Stock
1983 stock
1992 stock?
AEC Merlin
AEC Swift
Daimler Fleetline
Scania Metropolitan

Long history in London of getting rid of disliked equipment way before its sell-by date. The stuff that works well gets used for longer than intended to compensate.