Monday, 9 June 2008

Shepherd's Bush progress update

They've now moved 26 of the 45 blocks at Shepherd's Bush Overground:
The rate seems to be about 1 a day, so this task should be done by the end of June. They've already filled in behind the blocks in the middle. The hole at the north end (nearest the camera) has got much deeper, but there's no sign of work to connect the two parts of the wall, or to fill in the gap between the wall and the platform or move the street lights.

At the south end, under the footbridge, they're putting in rebar to form the joint between the relocated platform wall and the station building:
There's also a strange bracket covered in pink gunk where the footbridge is held up by the old wall. I presume this will be cut.

(In the first photo I've annotated how interchange between the Overground and tube stations will work. The two face each other across a new open air bus station. There'll be no indoor interchange)

Speaking of the tube station, they've nearly got the front wall fully glazed:
I say "front wall", but this would have been the side wall of the old building, which had its main entrance round to the left. The focus has been rotated 90 degrees away from Shepherd's Bush Green and onto the bus and rail stations and shopping centre.

Just around the corner, here's London's last new tube station for the foreseeable future, Wood Lane:
All this cladding is new, as are the window frames above the entrance. From a passing train you can see the platform surfacing and edging is almost complete.

All these stations open in October-ish.


Mark said...

What's the betting they all open on the same day for maximum PR...

THC said...

Progress of a sort. I suppose I should be grateful (to parties other than your good self, Mr T; I am of course grateful to you for keeping me informed!)

On the subject of the new Wood Lane station, I am somewhat surprised that it is not being named White City in common with the Central line and new bus station, which lie either side of it. It seems like a grand opportunity to promote an interchange is being missed.


Jon said...

As a Croxley Rail link supporter, I have to give you credit for crowbarring the project in to your articles where you can! Well done.

Anonymous said...

thc - perhaps they are having separate names intentionally because the only interchange between H&C and Central is external, along the pavement?