Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Imperial Wharf station: No progress yet

We got word last week that construction work at Imperial Wharf station was meant to be getting under way. There's currently no sign that it has:
I'm posting this as a Before picture, and I've doodled on the rough location of the platforms. The dark brick structure by the platform ends is a disused road bridge, and will contain the ticket office.

Here's a rendering of the finished thing, as seen on the construction hoarding that's been taunting the residents for possibly several years:

Located on the West London Line just north of the river, near Chelsea Harbour. Opens 2010.


pubby said...

Things are happening. I've had some involvement myself. I cannot comment on what, exactly, but the project is certainly moving ahead.

Anonymous said...

I saw workmen doing 'some work' at the site on Thursday 26th June, they were taking down some imperial wharf barrier signs, net to the Jury's Inn hotel. Not sure what that means! but lets hope as we desperately need this railway station to re-generate the area and give the residents some decent transport. Currently the only transport is shanks' pony or an infrequent C3 or 391 bus services which are very irregular and poorly run.

Anonymous said...

There is definately signs of activitiy on the Imperial Wharf station site. A digger has been working there all week and there are workmen on the site. Looks like Imperial Wharf station is on its way!

Anonymous said...

earth has been cleared on the imperial wharf side of the railway bridge. Diggers etc have now disppeared again and site has been deserted last couple of days.

Julian Pardoe said...

I had to drive to Battersea today and so took the chance to go and look at Imperial Wharf Station for myself. I can say that things are definitely progressing. See http://www.flickr.com/photos/90086723@N00/sets/72157615115466130/ for some not-very-good photos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julian
I have a property in Imperial Wharf and am living in Oz so it was good to see your pics of the new Imperial wharf station as this is of great interest to prople living in the area. Thansk for the pics!!!