Sunday, 6 July 2008

Shepherd's Bush Overground: Wall moving complete

Each time I visit Shepherd's Bush Overground, they've made some significant step towards fixing the dodgy platform.

This time, they've filled in the gap between the station building and the moved wall:
Thus the station once again has a continuous retaining wall, and they're now in the cosmetic tidying up phase of the work.

Just out of shot, they've started reinstating the horizontal beams between the metal fence posts at the top of the wall. If they're sensible this will be followed by moving the platform equipment on to the fence and ditching the lamp posts, but it could go either way at this point.

Meanwhile, they've been busy on the other platform too:
They're making it so that the entrance is towards us onto the wide section of platform, rather than to the right onto the narrow section. As on the other platform, this has required adding a great big ugly steel beam to hold the structure together (ignore the yellow scaffold tower in the right picture).

I've also just been sent some pictures by someone who's been on site. This one is taken from the unwidened section at the far north end of the station, and shows exactly how narrow it was as built:
That glass box in the distance is what my second pictures above are of.


Anonymous said...

I like the double-headed lamp standards on the southbound platform. These serve to:
1) Double the platform's usage of electricity; and;
2) Provide superb illumination of the retaining wall for Banksy et al.
Even better, both are achieved without usefully improving levels of illumination for the customer.

I bet they leave them on at night outside traffic hours too.

Environmentally-friendly transport, anyone?

Anonymous said...

It is encouraging that they've altered the southbound steps to lead pax _along_ the platform - IIRC someone suggested it here?
Perhaps the same alteration could be made to that daft DLR footbridge at Stratford as well...

Obviously the bracing girder is the cheap and cheerful option, I'm fairly sure 'X' braces could have been mounted higher up - there is a precedent on the footbridge at Guildford which maintains adequate headroom.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1... you must remember this station should have been open a couple of years ago (along with Imperial Wharf)... back then the media hadn't heard of energy efficent lighting... hence stock standard lights were used...

and my money is on the fools not moving the lamps onto the wall... common sense doesn't seem to exist here...