Sunday, 27 July 2008

Shepherd's Bush/White City/Wood Lane interchanges

When the new stations at Shepherd's Bush and Wood Lane open there'll be two new out-of-station interchanges, requiring a short walk outdoors to change between lines. But how short?

Interchange #1: Shepherd's Bush (Overground) to Shepherd's Bush (Central Line)
Just across the bus station.

Approximate gateline-to-gateline walking distance: 100 metres.

Interchange #2: Wood Lane (Hammersmith & City Line) to White City (Central Line)
A stroll along Wood Lane right past BBC Television Centre.

Approximate gateline-to-gateline walking distance: 230m.


Alan Ji said...

I'd be ever so pleased if both new stations were open on Saturday 9 August 2008. I'm starting the football season with an away game at Queens Park Rangers.

THC said...

@Alan, I hope you win but I don't give one man much chance against eleven. Even if it is QPR you're playing. ;-)

@Mr T - applause for your continually excellent coverage of events in W12.

My one gripe with the excellent new H&C facilities appearing before my eyes is that the interchange potential of the new station is not been maximised. The new bus station is known as White City but the new H&C station that lies between it and the existing Central line station is called Wood Lane. It's an easier interchange to make than that between D&P and H&C stations at Hammersmith, yet is not identified as such by name. It doesn't make sense to me at any rate but it's a relatively small gripe though.


Anonymous said...

A bit strange they didn't directly connect Shepherds Bush Central to the Overground station. Doesn't that mean that using an Oyster card when you change between the two stations it is counted as two journeys, and you are charged accordingly?

Mr Thant (Editor) said...

Oyster is smart enough to only charge you once if you go out of the barriers to interchange.

I think in both these instances, connecting the two would have required an enormous amount of work and only been slightly more convenient.

Anonymous said...

Hammersmith it doesn't charge you for two journeys - and even Baket St/Marylebone is allowed, I believe.

Egdug said...

Not sure about Baker Street/Marylebone, but Marylebone Bakerloo to Chiltern I think charges you twice.

Chris M said...

Oyster PAYG doesn't* charge you twice for interchanging between the Bakerloo and Chiltern at Marylebone.

*When your point-to-point journey does not exceed 2 hours and it doesn't randomly fail for no readily apparent reason.