Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Shepherd's Bush Central Line station closure documents

Andy Slaughter MP has been doing some digging on why Shepherd's Bush Central Line station closed so suddenly earlier this year. Using the Freedom of Information Act he's got hold of a whole stack of internal documents. While they fill in few new details, the story laid out is pretty much what we knew already. The original plan was:

  • Westfield, developers of the new shopping centre, were due to replace the station building before the shopping centre opens, keeping the station open as far as was possible.
  • At some point, a new high-capacity staircase would have been installed down to the platforms, in conjunction with step-free access and other below ground works (BGW).
  • Metronet were due to replace the escalators in the period 2010-12. There was a possibility that if one escalator could be kept in service ("there have been engineering differences of opinion on the feasibility of this"), combined with the new staircase the station could remain open.
Fast forward to late November last year with the centre's opening less than a year away, work on the station not started, the BGW programme looking increasingly unfeasible, and Metronet in administration. Westfield made London Underground an offer: let us close the station so we can get the building replaced on time, and we'll replace the escalators for you while we're at. After some deliberation, TfL accepted.

That's a picture of the new ticket hall I've posted before. Thanks to reader Tim for the tip.


Anonymous said...

That seems a convincing explanation. I daresay the discomfiture of all parties with the approaching opening of the shopping centre was further exacerbated by the (then) state of indecision over what to do with the NR Shepherd's Bush station.

Mwmbwls said...

Problems persist