Sunday, 20 July 2008

Wood Lane station progress

London's last new tube station is in the final stages of construction, ready for opening in October.

They've finished most of the external panelling:
If you click to enlarge you can see they've installed the external roundel, currently badly hidden by a black bin liner.

Down in the cutting is the Central Line, and the south end of the platforms at White City are a just the other side of the bridge on the left. Still probably not going to be marked as an official interchange.

The station building:
The pavement level has been raised far above road level here, for reasons unknown.

The platform signs are now visible from passing trains. Here's the roundel:

And the destination sign:
This shows the renaming of Shepherd's Bush (H&C) to Shepherd's Bush Market that will occur when Shepherd's Bush on the Central Line reopens, or when this station opens, or possibly it'll all happen at the same time.


central line fan said...

It's a shame LU don't mark this as a possible interchange to the Central. Far better than the Shepherd's Bush twosome. And isn't the new shopping centre exterior just green puke aweful? White City will need a rename to Puke Cladding City when the Sc opens. If the economic chills don't kill it.

bj said...

Worry not: there'll be enough BBC staff utterly cheesed off by TV Centre catering who will batter down the doors of M&S or Pret or Eat as soon as they open to keep the place going for decades. I can't blinkin' wait

Anonymous said...

This new station, and Shepherds Bush Overground, should surely just open as soon as they are ready, that way there won't be total chaos at the same time the Westfield centre opens?

Won't that be safer, and easier for the station staff & train crews to iron ut any teething troubles, before the passenger numbers really increase?

Stuart said...

'last new tube station'? does that mean we're never going to get any more?

Anonymous said...

I like this idea of opening new stations on existing lines. They should try it more, especially on NR lines. Camberwell, for instance?

I agree that the stations should open as soon as ready, rather than waiting for Westfield to open.

Mr Easy said...

The pavement raising might be to make it level with the station entrance hall floor - which in turn might be higher than the old pavement level because of clearance required over the Central line below? Just a guess from the picture, may be wrong!

plcd1 said...

There has been a call for volunteers (from LU staff) to act as trial passengers to test both Wood Lane and the revamped Shepherds Bush Central station in advance of their planned opening in October. Things must therefore be progressing well.

Anonymous said...

Wood Lane station opened today. No ticket office though - only ticket machines...